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Just because it is FREE, doesn’t mean it's less valuable.  I can prove it to you!  From my own personal experience, these items can (and have for many) have a very powerful positive impact on your life.

This list will continue to grow as I explore more items of interest and value to you!

  • FREE Debt Relief Guide – Take a look at this Free Guide! You’ll learn how to get out of debt ASAP, how to improve your credit profile (for the Background Check), how to save more money (now and in the future) and most importantly, how to free yourself from the financial stress holding you back, all from a trusted source.



  • FREE Interview Tips Guide – Candidate - This guide is packed with useful information compiled throughout the years.  Use the information contained within and you'll have a heads up on the competition!


  • FREE eCourses - When you sign up to Lorena's List, you will receive many valuable Freebies, including Free eCourses.  Sign up Today to find out more!




  • FREE Tool - This is kind of a cool online profiler telling you want kinds of careers you may be interested in. 



  • FREE Directory - This is a great site that lists the many sites available for: (email lookups, cell phone number lookups, reverse lookups, area code lookups, 800 directories, domain searches, and much more).  You just have to ignore the flashy, amateurish look to it, but it is a great resource!


  • FREE Games - Just for FUN!  When you are looking for a little light hearted fun, go here to relieve some stress.

What would you like to see listed? 

What items of interest do you know about that I should be sharing with the network?  Please email me and give me your thoughts.  I may not be able to accommodate all requests, but rest assured I will carefully consider every suggestion mentioned.

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